Wednesday, October 17, 2007

36 Years Ago in Fashion

When we think of fashion I think everyone can agree that it is constantly changing. Looking at this video from 1971 I'm shocked to see how so many things remain the same. They interview the Bill Blass, Geoffry Beene, Halston, Anne Klein, basically the fashion all stars of the early 70's. With fashion having such a strong 70's flavor for the past couple of seasons, it seems like a lot of these guys are on the same page as todays' designers. The message of bold shoulders, sweaters and knits being key pieces and Asian inspired pieces sounds so much like today it makes you wonder how fast fashion really moves or does it just go around in circles? I love seeing all the design studio equipment and how little, if at all, any of those things have changed. The sewing studio, the dressforms and patterns look like so much like what I have that I couldn't tell the difference.

Who knew that Harper's Bazaar had the brilliant idea of podcasting back in 1971?

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