Saturday, October 27, 2007

Two Great Labels from Down Under

I think there are some amazing designers putting out collections in Australia. Recently, I have taken notice of 2 new labels I really like.

Rittenhouse has a really great approach to basics almost in an APC sort of way. They have some really cool drop waist dresses which I love and some very cozy looking sweaters. This is from their A/W 07 Collection.

Zimmerman, based in Sydney, has an almost opposing view of things. They have some peachy, candy colored summer dresses and swimsuits that are much better suited if you currently live in Sydney but are absolutely lovely.

I like the Balenciaga inspired shoes and and socks but something in me is programmed to think of black shoes with white socks as being solely suited for the likes of Cliff Claven. Just something I've never been able to overcome.
Photos of Zimmermann:

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