Friday, October 19, 2007

What They Wore: The Cold War

I have always been fascinated with fashion during the cold war. I think it stems from my love of uniforms and the military aesthetic. A couple of weeks ago I visited the DDR museum and I was really surprised to find how much focus there was on clothes and sewing. Everything in the museum is original and not a reproduction and ranges from clothing to beauty products to furniture all from East Germany. The garments in the closet were much more colorful than I expected and contained non of those greys, olives or navy blues that we all associate with communist fashion. They were however, all polyester through and through and while the actual pieces were not very exciting, the technical drawings of the shapes and styles on the door were much more interesting.

As an attempt to compete with western fashion, they put out this clothing catalog

I guess no matter how much they tried to isolate the people, Dynasty must have influenced some pattern maker out there.

My clear favorite.... this school uniform. I love the boy's face, he's totally thinking "wtf?"

West vs. East. On the left Levi's, on the right the East German brand.

East German sewing machine & notions.

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