Friday, November 2, 2007

Looking for the Perfect Bag

I have a major bag problem to say the least, I have nothing at all I like that isn't completely irritating to carry or totally ugly so I am looking for a new bag. The criteria is that it must zip or fasten at the top for when I bike around the city and for traveling, it must have some sort of compartments and I really am trying to avoid leather unless it's vintage. Here are my top 2 contenders.

The Retread Purse from It's made from the discarded truck inner tubes with original graphic markings and has a detachable, adjustable leather shoulder strap and a zippered inner pocket. Price: $165

Then there is the George Gina & Lucy "Typewriter" Bag which seems a bit more practical but a little less cute.

1 comment:

Dustbunny said...

$165 for an old tire bag? Yikes! If you saw my bag (it rolls around overstuffed with books and student papers) you'd murder me! ;)

The typewriter bag is very cute!