Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tying Your Hermes Scarf

In such cases where you may have shelled out $350 for a scarf and have only been clever enough to tie it to your Hermes Bag, Hermes has come to the rescue with scarf tying lessons. They are very innovative and demonstrate not only the ever-chic-but-not-for-everyone head scarf but show you how to make an ascot, a Hermes babushka and even how to wear it as a top. Lots more tying here and here.


Dustbunny said...

Hey this is so cute! Thanks for posting it. Although, I think the tank/scarf may slip off of me in the most public moment!

zajigirl said...

I'm in Paris at the moment. And love the way the Parisian girls work those scarves. Great post.

ktpeterman said...

last night, I wore my scarf as a top, just like in the pic above. The knot in the front can be tied wherever you want... allowing for more or less coverage so it doesn't have to be THAT bare... bottom line, it was epic :)