Thursday, December 6, 2007

30 Things Every Woman Needs? Them vs. Me

Times Online UK has come out with a rather deranged list of what they think every woman needs which, after reading the list, surprises me that it was written by 2 living women. Here is what you cannot live without:

1. A Clutch
2. Jewelery Box (really? This is number 2? jewelry Box.... shouldn't jewelry be number 2 at least?)
3. Leather Gloves (I feel I can live my life without leather gloves but ok)
4. Wide Patent Belt (ok Fran Dresher)
5. A Good Pair of Tailored Trousers (Very practical, perfect for those late night games of canasta)
6. Volumizing mascara (Totally Agree!)
7. Silk camisole
8. A vintage brooch (when dressed for coffeeee tauk)
9. Silk slippers (retarded)
10. An umbrella (You might as well add things like food and stairs if you're gonna take that route)
11. A beret (A beret, yeah, they went there)
12. Little Black Dress (very original)
13. Large cocktail ring
14. A sequin bolero (????????? wtf?)
15. A diamond ring (yeah, no kidding... maybe they should add a yacht, an hourly massage and man servant to the list as well)
16. Plain cashmere jumper (Agree)
17. Pair of support knickers (they put spanx on the list?... perhaps this was written by this person?)
18. One plunge bra/one seamless bra (good idea, thank god someone made a list otherwise who would have figured this one out)
19. Flat black boots
20. Simple court shoes ( I have no idea what this means, they are getting way too British for me here)
21. A statement necklace
22. Jeans (Brilliant)
23. Kirby grips (Again, too British for me to understand)
24. Red Nail Varnish
25. A Blazer
26. Winter coat (I am beginning to think this list is a practical joke)
27. Simple swimwear (I guess as opposed to very complicated swimwear?)
28. A good hair dryer (?)
29. Silk underwear/nightwear
30. A crisp white shirt

Glaringly missing from the list (imo):

- Killer heels
- Pair of Converse
- Favorite moisturizer & lip gloss/balm with sunscreen
- A Hat
- An assortment of scarves
- A wife beater
- A loose fitting caftan, tunic or shift dress
- A Great haircut
- A perfect bag
- Sunglasses
- A full length mirror
- The understanding that old ladies who make ridiculous outdated lists about things you need should be disregarded.

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