Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chanel Paris Londres 2007/8

"It's sophisticated and expensive clothing for the rich punk," said Uncle Karl. With all the usual fanfare we were presented with the Chanel Pre-Fall show this week. Irina Lazareanu and Sean Lennon provided the music. The Amy Winehouse hair and make up we a most definite highlight and there were a couple of very McQueen looking dresses that were really beautiful. Karl also adopted the London favorite bowler hat and there were some lovely jewelry pieces like the gold necklace/collar. He borrowed some Quaker-like square toes flats but the lowlights were the high heeled shoes and the menswear.... ick.


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Anonymous said...

hey those shoes like ones my mother used to wear to family picnics in the woods! of course, she wore them in red (a clear sign now that i think about it).