Thursday, February 21, 2008

So That's How They Do It

Upon my return to NYC after a longer than usual absence one of the first things I do is go to Chinatown to get some badly missed Chinese food (since the Chinese food in Berlin is rather unbearable). This past month however, my experience differed a great deal as it became impossible to walk through the streets without someone shoving a paper with pictures "designer" bags in my face and yelling "Gucci!" "Chloe!" "Prada!" and practically dragging me down into some hole where they apparently keep their stash. I am one of those all or nothing people who believes that unless I can afford a real 255, I would rather carry something I can afford rather than shaming myself by buying some pleather nonsense. Turns out that due to some sharp police work the NYPD finally figured out what every person in NY already knew for decades, you can get counterfeit bags in Chinatown... surprise! Now they are cracking down on these guys, but in case you're wondering how these bags actually make their way into the center of Manhattan..... here's how.

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Jillian said...

I can't watch the video since I am at work but it's refreshing to know there ARE actaully some people out there with a bit of class. Sorry if I am hurting anyones feelings but EVERYONE and their UNCLE BOB carries a fake Prada these days and it's getting so that I hate their purses... I've seen soooo many fake LV's in my town that I don't even carry my real ones any longer :( it has taken all the specialness and beauty out of the real thing :(

i hate when you see ms. hill billy with no teeth and dirty hair and clothes with a freaking 'coach' bag around their shoulders....

and p.s. what's up with the fake ooney and bourke? and not the nice leather ones but the monogram kiddish ones they're NOT that expensive and i dont understand why you'd need a fake!

one time my ex's mother bought a D&B (a fake of the nicer style ones) home from canal street and really thought it was real... and i didn't have the heart to tell her it was the fugliets fake bag i'd ever seen...

sorry for the rant it just makes me very sad and annoyed!
thanks for the post though! haha