Monday, March 24, 2008

Internet Troll

More lovely things from the far reaches of the internets....

Stella McCartney Floral Ankle Wrap Sandals, Intermix. $695.

Paul Smith Floral Print Shoes, Zappos. $574

Flat Pet Kitten, Beyond the Valleys. £12.00.

See by Chloe Tribal Print Dress, eBay. $50 (so far, only 13 hours left!)

New York Pocket Man Tote, Fred Flare. $35

Jeeves Hat Light by Jake Phipps, Beyond the Valleys. £238.00

Manoush Dress, eBay. $10.50 (so far, only 8 hours left!)

(Pics: Fluffy Dragon via Flickr, Manoush Dress via Hanne & tFS)


WendyB said...

That hat light is so funny!

bronwyn said...

Fun, funky round-up. I love the flat pet cat.

Vain and Vapid said...

Thanks ladies... I love the cat too, mostly cause he looks like my cat (Except for the colors of course :)