Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lynx of the Day

Oops she did it again.... (Sky News)

Uggs prove to be dangerous to more than just your appearance. (The Sun)

Make-up is sometimes made from unspeakably disgusting things, luckily there are some lovely euphemisms made up by the cosmetic companies so we don't have to know that we are smearing crushed beetles on along with our lipstick. (NYT)

You can now watch clothing you want to buy in action at Saks. What will they think of next. (Saks5thAve)

No words can describe how awesome this dude is... do yourself a favor. (The Arab Parrot)

At this point, you have a better chance of getting hold of actual fairies than you have of getting the Prada Fairy Bag. (ThreadTrend)

1 comment:

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh my goodness, I checked out all these links and they are both insane and insanely good! The Ugg event is tragic, models are crazy and I kinda want that fairy bag...