Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shop Update: The Rivington Dress Etc...

Today at 6pm (est, 3 west coast time) I will have the following dresses in my Etsy shop...

I wanted to do a bustier dress for winter because I think they are really versatile and perfect for layering and so many things can be worn both underneath and over each one. I made two versions of this dress. One, more structured version is kind of a party dress and the other version for everyday.

Rivington Dress

Quality: 3, one in each of the following sizes.
Small (Bust 32.5", Waist 26")
Medium (Bust 34", Waist 28")
Large (Bust 36", Waist 29")

Fabric: 50% Cotton, 50% Silk.
Color: Steel Grey

The Rivington Dress

Quality: 4, one in each of the following sizes.
Extra Small (Bust 31.5", Waist 25")
Small (Bust 32.5", Waist 26")
Medium (Bust 34", Waist 28")
Large (Bust 36", Waist 29")

Length of skirt from waistband: 17.5"
Fabric: 100% Cotton. This fabric is a heavyweight cotton, it's quite soft and it has some nice movement to it.
Color: Black with a green & white ticking stripe pattern.

...And finally I have 1 Crosby Dress, it is a different fabric than the lookbook photo, this one is a grey, lightweight wool with black accents (pictured here on the right).

The navy blue version will be in my shop in a couple of weeks.

Quantity: 1
Size: Large (Bust 36", Waist 29")
Length of skirt from waistband: 15.5"
Sleeve length: 14.5"

Photography and styling: Alyson Graves.

Model: Leslie Butler.


hrose said...

wow did you make all these? they're incredible!!
you have such talent!
i can't even handsew haha.. :D
i love the fit of the first two, but i think the last one is just divine, such a great cut and style and i love the neckline. so lovely!

Q's Daydream said...

I love everything! The last dress is soooo wonderful, I adore it!

TPWP said...

Looks like I'll be making another purchase from you :) I'm assuming the first dress is the most structured, does it have any boning on the top? are the cups formed?

Vain and Vapid said...

TPWP: The cups are comprised of 2 separate, interfaced parts. However, there is no boning or other bra making materials... it doesn't need it, the fabric is very stiff and it basically stands up on it's own.



hope505 said...

I love those pinstripes!!!

stephanie said...

Your collection is amazing!!
Will the Harrison Skirt be on the next update?
Thank you!

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Wow these are beautiful!!! Great shapes and designs!! Congrats!!

DUSKIN said...


deexdeexdreamer said...

completely mesmerizing and dreamy, as usual!

Dennise said...

I just purchased the grey rivington dress and I'm so stoked!


p.s. you're so talented!

Roberta Jane said...

You're clothing is gorgeous! Now on my wish list!

Jessie Cacciola said...

So cute!

The Fashion Bible said...

I love the Crosby dress! I cannot wait for it to be on your Etsy!

Sunshine said...

your dresses are really lovely!


Fashion Is Poison said...

wow you're talented!