Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion Week So Far...

Some of my favorite things from Fashion Week so far....

Vena Cava

Chainmail tank (wow!), the mixing of textures and dark yet airy prints.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The mix and match prints, colors and patterns and as always... the shoes.

Alexander Wang

All the impeccable detailing and accessories. I LOVE that cape dress.

Shipley & Halmos

The cut, styling and simplicity of all these looks.



corrie said...

I think it's impossible for Vena Cava to disappoint me. Their level of awesomeness just keeps rising.

Taylor Sterling said...

I love those pruple lips man!!

Hello Lindello said...

Great picks. I love those shoes and everything from Vena Cava. Those prints?! Seriously gorgeous.

thatsorad said...

Shipley and Halmos ROCK! I think they used to design for Travata.