Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dazed and Confused December 09

Photographed by: Daniel Jackson
Styling by: Karen Langley
Model: Abby Lee Kersaw

Can't wait to see WtWTA this weekend. Need to recover from seeing Paranormal Activity yesterday... Oh Em Eff Gee... slept with one eye open.

(Via: Fashion Copious)



pal shazar said...

that's a face alright. Maegan said...

love these! husband saw Paranormal Activity and expected me to go with him to the theater, no way jose.

katbird said...

lovely shots! No way on PA but Where the Wild Things Are is just breathtaking, you will love it! A saw where a critic had called it "Savagely Beautiful," and that is really the perfect eay to um it up. enjoy!

Valentina said...

Those horns are not too big, not too small... i think I want to make that headdress.