Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vain and Vapid Summer 2010 Lookbook: Pt.2

Orion Tie Front Dress.
Leo Shawl Collar Trapeze Dress, cotton.

Indus Dress, cotton.

Ursa Major Dress in linen and cotton.

... and finally, the final four pieces from the summer collection!

I'm trying something a bit different this time around with the shop updates. To try to get as many of the different styles as possible out at once and accommodate different sizing requests I will be updating the shop weekly with 4-5 of the pieces from the collection and the buyer can request the size of their choice. Each piece will then be made to order and will be available in XS,S,M,L. I will rotate the selection so all of the 7 pieces can be available as often as possible or at least make any favorites available more frequently.

Shop Update This Monday at noon EST. The following items will be in the shop:

Cassiopeia Dress.
The Pavo Dress.
The Leo Shawl Collar Dress.
Orion Tie Front Dress.
The Darcy Skirt.

Photography and editing by: Alana Davis.
Assistant: Maria Wan.
Model: Meandra of Emmanuel NY.
Make Up and Hair: Stacie Simmons.(To contact Stacie:
Styling: Leslie Bernstein.


reckless daughter said...

very excited. everything looks incredible!

Ama said...

Can't wait, Julie! I'm already having to narrow down my list...

simple things said...

I didn't think it could get any more impressive than part one, but it did! these are so gorgeous!

Kristien said...

Julie, I am blown away by this collection! I didn't think I could love any dress more than your Fontaine dress, but the Leo Shawl Collar dress is equally stunning. It is perfectly Gatsby-esqe--just classically beautiful.

I hope your rotator cuff injury is feeling better! I will be setting my computer alarm for noon Monday for sure. Congratulations on all your hard work--you have produced such wonderful pieces.

jenny gordy said...

beautiful work and photos!

Stephanie said...


What a gorgeous collection. Wow.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...