Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela HC Fall 2012

Moments of greatness brought to us by the house of Margiela. Why yes, that is a bunch a baseball gloves stitched together to form a jacket thankyouverymuch. Why does it have to be socially unacceptable to wear a head to toe look from this show publicly? So long as you don't also pair it with your Givenchy septum ring, right???


christine said...

Hi, I used to follow you way back when I was more active on my blog but recently found yours again and wanted to say how much I still love it. Hope we can keep in touch! xo christine

Paul Macias said...

Encantada de poder seguir este fantástico blog . Felicidades!!! Paul. http://www.paulmadeinsevilla.blogspot.com.es/