Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alexander Wang SS13

It's only the 4th day of fashion week, how on earth can anyone top this??!!! Mega-wow! Now that's how to throw a fashion show.


Unknown said...

Just can't get over how incredible the aesthetic is in this presentation. Definitely one of my FW faves so far!!

christine arendse said...

wow! this looks amazing! it looks so huge, and with so many models, can't even imagine attending such a big show!


in dreams said...

ohhh, my heart was stolen by that white dress at about the 3 minute mark...and possibly the dresses at 5.45 and 6 minutes. i love how the lines are gaps, and how this changes the way the garment moves...really neat.

but what do we call this collection's style? preppy/futuristic/tribal? sporty/modern/minimalist? gah. (too many adjectives!!) haha.